The City of Man – civilisation

The City of Man | The New Civilization

By now it is become clear even to the optimists among us, that our materialistic civilization is mortally ill. All the so-called social, political, economic and physical revolutions have failed in the one thing that is important. Not one of them has made human beings better or more worthy of life……………………………………………………..B.P.

Acrylic painting of a couple in blue color.

Love itself, acrylic on canvas

Julies is a portrait of a man with blue lines and colors from the city of man series.

Jules-acrylic-acrylic on-paper

What is fear, is a painting of a man facing the big shark.

What is Fear, acrylic on board

A couple is a painting of a man and woman looking at each other

A Couple, acrylic on paper

A painting of a couple kissing

A Coulpe detail, painting by Marko Gavrilovic

The enlightened man is an acrylic painting of a man's head filled with elements of the city.

The Enlightened man, acrylic painting

Jill is a portrait of a young woman.

Jill, acrylic & ink drawing on paper

This is how the ghost of the City looks like.

Ghost of the City, acrylic

Distance 2 is a painting of a man that looks into the city of future.

Distance 2, acrylic on paper

Distribution of humans is futurist painting.

Distribution of humans, mixed-technique on canvas

Individuality is in danger. People imitate and copy each other. They think like someone else, dress like someone else, and act like someone else. Scientists eventually come up with an idea that they could replicate ingenious and perfect man, to make a human clone somehow to become a part of our everyday life. On the piece Distribution of humans (below), you can see male figures in different colors as well as the female in front of the wall that represents their limited beliefs. While staring at this concrete wall that restrains the future, from time to time, they can see a window. Through that window as an escape, they can see the sky. The sky, as a symbol of hope, seems to be too distant. The reason, in my opinion, is that the absence of soul connection makes the right road in life hard to find.That is why the wall is still unbroken and the blue sky remains so distant because no one will destroy this wall. No one thinks differently. No one will say: “There is a blue sky behind this wall beyond our comprehension rich with possibilities” and this is the official version of the life in future …but, how could we be so sure, knowing the human nature, that one of them suddenly wouldn't break the wall?