Artist Statement

My art focuses on the symbiosis or Marko-Gavrilovic, artist statementmerging of multiple influences, media and inspirations.
I do not define my work exclusively as that of a sculptor, draftsman or painter.
I am always connecting all three by finding my way through this symbiosis.
If I work in just one medium for any length of time, I tend to feel overwhelmed as it becomes too unidirectional and I feel compelled to focus on another medium, but without any loss of rigour and precision.
There is a balance. I find that When I am working with the sculpture I feel closer to the concrete, real world, which helps ground me after the imaginative wanderings of painting and drawing.

Certain questions are always to the fore in my work. Take the issue of the universal progress of humankind in relation to the non-human world.
If we are all a part of the prosperity of the World, why there is no social, material and ethical progress for everyone and everything around? Why do only certain groups and individuals benefit? Why is prosperity in the world so unfairly distributed?

At one stage in my career, I started to make light sculptures. To my mind light talks about the creation of life, starting from atoms, molecules, through a variety of organisms. Can we see the light inside us? Every human being lives under a metaphorical helmet or shell of his or her body. We observe these protective surfaces at the expenses of our deeper realities. My aim is to turn these external and internal realities around.
Surface elements of my sculptures appear as impressions, memories, and experiences. Everyone and everything possesses these elements. Sculptures too. We are aware that one cannot see the essence of someone with the naked eye. But when you turn on the lights, everything becomes illuminated and new, deeper insights emerge. This revelation or enlightenment is connected to certain events, people, and places and located at the fascinating intersection between the past, present, and future.

I am deeply concerned with these universal messages. Ideas. Motivations. Ancient and rooted in history, but also unchangeable objects, facts, emotions. The sadness of the passing moment, crowded cities, natural stainlessness. Movement. The constant flux of the world but united in its intrinsic interconnections and universal relevance and meaning. Where what appear as opposites come together in one.

Human or non-human or animal form and other shapes that we are all familiar with are important in my work. I use these forms as a reference point to shape a body of abstracted sculpture or painting. Realism in my work has a strong connection with abstraction. When it comes to drawing I love the freedom of joining all these lines together in a seamless flow.

Making art is not easy. I am constantly seeking new and specific knowledge to progress with my ideas. While I struggle with inner voices, I also often feel that I can achieve anything I choose. The attempt to reconcile these opposites in a meaningful symbiosis is what my work is all about.