Artzept first prize, light sculpture Monolith by Marko Gavrilovic

Marko Gavrilovic Monolith, Artzept prize, project cover

Artzept first prize, light sculpture Monolith by Marko Gavrilovic

Serbian contemporary artist Marko Gavrilovic received Artzept’s first prize for his light sculpture  Monolith at this prestigious international design competition. The Artzept was founded by Mrs. Madlena Zepter in 2004 and it is a part of the Zepter Art Foundation.

Process 1, Monolith light sculpture by Marko Gavrilovic, Artzept first prize
Monolith, light sculpture, work in progress, Artzept first prize 2022



The Artzept award is open to artists and designers from around the world and covers a broad range of categories, including industrial design, painting, and sculpture, among others. Entries are judged by a panel of experts from the art and design industries, who evaluate each submission based on factors such as creativity, originality, technical skill, and relevance to contemporary society.

Winners of the Artzept award receive a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to showcase their work in a special exhibition organized by the Artzept Cultural Foundation. In addition, the award provides a platform for artists and designers to gain exposure and recognition within the global art and design community.

Monolith, light sculpture, a power in details, plexiglas art
Marko Gavrilovic, svetlosna skulptura Monolith, Palata Umetnosti Madlena





Overall, the Artzept international art and design award represents an exciting opportunity for creative individuals to showcase their talents and contribute to the development of the art and design industries.

The sculpture’s body is made in several phases. Constructive parts of the sculpture are shaped with stainless steel wires and profiles, welded, chrome-plated, or plasticized, depending on the agreement. After this first phase of skeleton making, we start to work with UV-resistant acrylic glass or polycarbonate. The sculpture is built by joining and bending previously prepared plastic segments.

The combination of colors and shapes comes to the fore making this technique alive and always different.
Due to the work in layers and the use of light, the sculpture has two faces. One is when the light is off, and then we only see one look, texture, and color on the very surface of the sculpture. When the light comes on, you get a broader picture of the form, its depth, overlaps, color mixing, etc.

The stainless steel base is mounted on a concrete foundation. There is also an option for this sculpture to be solar-powered, in both cases, it has an LED lighting system inside.

À GOGO II at the W Hotel Hollywood in LA, Mash Gallery

À GOGO II at the W Hotel Hollywood in conjunction with Frieze LA, The Enlightened man, Marko Gavrilovic

À GOGO II at the W Hotel Hollywood in conjunction with Frieze LA

Mash Gallery, W-Hollywood-Hotel, The Enlightened-man, Marko Gavrilovic
Mash-Gallery-w-hollywood-hotel-hollywood-california-the-enlightened-man-marko-gavrilovic, visitors

Los Angeles Jan 13th, 2022. Haleh Mashian, a prolific painter and owner of MASH Gallery is set to return for her second groundbreaking exhibit at the W Hotel Hollywood in conjunction with Frieze LA. The À GOGO II exhibit will debut on Thursday, Feb 17th, 2022 at the exclusive W Hotel, an invite-only red carpet affair. 

The much-anticipated exhibit is a continuation of Mashian’s outstanding show in 2020 which had record attendance and received critical acclaim. Mashian has been climbing the curatorial ladder with increasingly exciting and innovative exhibitions securing her place as a creative force in the Los Angeles art community as an artist and philanthropist. Mashian, an accomplished artist herself, also has a unique talent for inviting established artists as well as discovering new and emerging artists. 

Mashian previously produced and exhibited À GOGO in 2020 at the W Hotel and also at the impressive downtown Mash Gallery located in the Arts District. 


À GOGO II at the W Hotel Hollywood in conjunction with Frieze LA, The Enlightened man, Marko Gavrilovic

Although the 2021 exhibit was postponed due to the pandemic, Mashian put her typical positive spin on things and used this time to seek out and work with special unique artists. Mash Gallery promised to produce a larger-scale show and Mashian, in her typical fashion, has delivered just that. Two years of precise dedication and commitment have paid off to ensure the 2022 exhibit will be a stunning and memorable experience for all artists, art lovers, and the creative  Los Angeles community. This is not to be missed. 

À GOGO II  will consist of a collection of unique works from local, national, and international artists referring to an extensive array of their techniques, visual strength, language, and culture. The viewers are invited to new ways of exploring abstraction through a variety of mediums. The talented artists will come together to create a cohesive yet dissonant exhibition where each painting stands alone and yet lend itself to be part of full orchestration.  The simplicity meets the unconventional palette, values, and visual color contrast which excites the eye and evokes imagination, involvement, and certain moods. This assertively dynamic, raw, edgy, and uplifting exhibition will explode into a visual ecstasy. 


Mashian is extremely supportive of all talented artists and this is evident in everything she does creatively. Her passion and commitment to her gallery and to supporting her fellow artists are second to none. “Color is life and life is color. Every chakra has a color. As if nature constantly reminds us that our divinity is intertwined with colors. To live life fully is to embrace all the nuances that color brings to our daily lives.” Said Mashian. 

After the Rain solo show Marko Gavrilovic

After the rain, solo show by Marko Gavrilovic


I’m excited to announce my new solo show. This time we are going to Los Angeles. Luminous artist, Marko Gavrilovic, returns to Mash Gallery with a solo exhibition, After the Rain, opening July 10th, 6-10 pm

After the Rain,  Marko Gavrilovic at Mash Gallery
After the Rain by Marko Gavrilovic

For more photos click here.

GAVRILOVIC’s visual style employs elements of comic book art, stained glass complexity, and saturated primary colors that showcase his finely tuned drawing skills. One is never done observing a work by Gavrilovic. The sheer detail of his work is borne of multiple sketches first in his artist’s journal which are then carefully recast to larger surfaces. The startling results depict friction between the coexistence of the natural world and the fabricated ones—both beautiful and reverent.

After the Rain hosted by Mash Gallery

For more photos click here.


Haleh Mashian and Marko Gavrilovic at Mash Gallery
Haleh Mashian and Marko Gavrilovic at Mash Gallery

LA Art Show, Mash Gallery

LA Art show 2021, Mash Gallery booth

LA Art Show 2021 – MASH GALLERY

July 26 – August 8, 2021
If you haven’t already, stop by booth 1021 Mash Gallery at LA Art Show to support us. We will be here at @laartshow until close!

LA Art show 2021, Mash Gallery, shark sculpture, Marko Gavrilovic
The Enlightened man at LA Art Show 2021, Mash Gallery, Marko Gavrilovic

Stop by booth 1021 from July 29-August 1 to visit us at Mash Gallery and shop beautiful pieces! Stay tuned for more updates.

Art is alive and thriving! Only 2 days before the LA Art Show 2021.
We are excited to see everyone at our booth #1021! Participating artists are: @johal_geometrics (Angela Johal) @halehmashian (Haleh Mashian) @sculptoroflight (Marko Gavrilovic)

La Art Show 2021, Mash Gallery booth by LA Art Documents

The Flow – Marko Gavrilovic

Exhibition The Flow

Marko Gavrilovic / Galerie Boris / Paris

on view through May and June 2019 

We are excited to announce a new exhibition in Paris. Contemporary artist Marko Gavrilovic will present his new works from Urban City and Bulls series as well as the latest light installations in vivid colorful spectra. If you are in Paris, do not miss it and visit us at Galerie Boris.


©The Flow – Marko Gavrilovic; Galerie Boris
The Flow cover
©The Flow – Marko Gavrilovic; Galerie Boris
Through the cold wilderness, acrylic on paper, 70 x 100 cm

Photos from the opening “The Flow

Art Palm Beach 2018, Sharks

Art Palm Beach 2018, shark sculptures by Marko Gavrilovic


Art Palm Beach 21st Edition

Modern & Contemporary Art Fair
17-21 January 2018

Visit us at Booth 501

Art Palm Beach is  South Florida ’s longest running mid-winter fair dedicated to contemporary, emerging, and modern masterworks of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The internationally renowned premiere contemporary art fair at the Palm Beach County Convention Center will be celebrating its 21st edition.

Shark sculptures

Bull paintings-new series


The frequent motifs in your work are sharks and bulls. Can you tell us what bull paintings represent to you?

For me, the bull is a symbol that can be interpreted in different ways.
In some, they are parts of a forgotten code that humanity exchanges for enjoyment and easy life. On the other, quiet water which hides a secret below the surface consists of elements of a big puzzle or a vision of man’s inner world. In the end, bulls represent the simple nature that is struggling to survive. We can’t look at these scenes just from one side. The pose is similar, maybe a gesture on some, but everything else is different and unique.


Sketching is important
Sketching is important
Green Line, gallery view
Green Line, gallery view
Gold versus Silver, acrylic on canvas
Gold versus Silver, acrylic on canvas
 A painting is an explosion of lines and colors, an organized idea with a touch of the subconscious.
A painting is an explosion of lines and colors, an organized idea with a touch of the subconscious
Fly sky is a painting of an orange bull
Fly sky, acrylic on canvas
Another sketch
Another sketch
5. Gavrilovic M.

New painting – Flying City series

City Painting
Here you can see some of the details of my new painting. I am polishing edges that are still rough, but you can get the picture. This piece is going to be presented on my next solo as a continuation of People and the City series. It is called The Second Gate.
acrylic on canvas by marko gavrilovic, detail 1

The second Gate, acrylic on canvas, detail 1

The second Gate, painting, detail 2

The second Gate, acrylic on canvas, detail 2

Marko Gavrilovic art

Ⓒ Photo by Ivana Ivka

Marko Gavrilovic painting details

The second Gate, painting detail, Ⓒ Photos by Ivana Ivka                                                                                                                                        

New painting

New painting, close-up

Marko Gavrilovic contemporary city

Work in progress

Painting details

Painting details

Urban future, Gavrilovic

Urban, colorful or chaotic future?

Marko Gavrilovic, contemporary artist

Ⓒ Photo by Ivana Ivka

Urban game, Gavrilovic M.


Gavrilovic detail 1


Urban game 1, ivana ivka and Marko Gavrilovic

Playing with perspective

Marko Gavrilovic City

Just a line

Marko Gavrilovic, contemporary art

Space for lines

Exhibition Space for lines

What inspires me are feelings connected to some events, people, and places with the amazing line between the past, present, and future as well as universal messages with ancient, but unchangeable facts. Exhibition “Space for lines” talks about that.
My work reflects crowded cities as well as Nature peacefulness and movement.

Join us Friday, October 9th at 8 pm for this one night only show! Do not miss out! Live music as always from the best local bands.

Exhibition Circle of Life Milan EXPO 2015

Contemporary art exhibition at the Serbian Pavilion Expo 2015
The pavilion of Serbia opened the exhibition of contemporary art ” Circle of Life “, organized by Gabriella Carlucci and presented at the cluster Bio-Med. The two artists Sandra Vucicevic and Marko Gavrilovic, chosen among the many Serbian artists from the gallery Art Ca ‘ d’Oro, gave strong and provocative interpretation of the theme of the Expo, which invites move away from consumerism and a way of life that does not take into account the consequences of human actions on the planet and their impact on the future.The exhibition is open to visitors and will be on display until September 18th.

Circle of life at Milan expo

EXPO Circle of Life video

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