Urban city series


Abstraction on my city paintings is performed in a way that intrigues me and leads to the realistic image, in other words, abstract brings me to the concrete.
By playing with the certain ideas, I want to challenge the audience, as what I had in mind may not be the only view.
Each side of the painting wears a new event. The story is universal and plays with the current state of the viewer.
Looking at my work, you are looking at your inner side, not only at my artistic vision.
Step into the City, move around and visualize, as our World is like a mirror, reflects the things within.

The Flow is a futuristic and abstract city painting by Marko Gavrilovic from City paintings series.

The Flow, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 116x158cm, city paintings

Mr. City is a painting of city skyline by Marko Gavrilovic

Mr. City, 50 x 70cm, acrylic on board

Let the rivers run, acrylic painting of the city by Marko Gavrilovic

Let the rivers run, acrylic, city paintings

My blue town is a ork in acrylic from city painting seeries

My blue town, blue acrylic drawing on board

Through the passage is multidimensional painting on canvas by artist Marko Gavrilovic.

Through the passage, acrylic on canvas

Cityscape painting by artist Marko Gavrilovic from his City paintings series.

The second Gate, acrylic on canvas, 2016

The city of men, acrylic drawing on canvas by artist Marko Gavrilovic.

The city of men, acrylic drawing on canvas, 70 x 100 cm.

Harmony represents a family in a different stages of life in a futuristic city.

Harmony, acrylic on canvas

City Stripes is a painting of a city in a technique of acrylic made on board.

City Stripes, acrylic on board

This painting is called Thoughts that don't exist.

Thoughts that don’t exist, acrylic on canvas

A painting of a futuristic city made with acrylic.

Enlightened city, acrylic on board

Seek and you shall find represents man's search for meaning.

Seek and you shall find by Marko Gavrilovic