Shark sculptures

Guided by instinct, light sculpture, material-Plexiglas, 120 x 35 x 65cm, artist Marko-Gavrilovic, 2016
Sharks have been the main characters of my paintings and sculptures for a few years. I chose these particular species because they are the synonyms for power, freedom, movement and fear. I found a lot of parallels between sharks and humans, which might be the main reason for the conflict between us. Fascinated with a diversity of Nature from my early age, continuing to admire its powers through my art, I explore the possibilities in which Nature and built environment will coexist.


Shark Marko Gavrilovic
Installation Circle of Life gives some answers to the question why are we, from all the living beings, the ones that destroy and exploit nature to its limits.
Sharks are beautiful, yet dangerous creatures due to their instinct-based actions. Humans on the other side use both, mind and instincts, which makes us even more dangerous for the World around.
The amount of fear in our imagination in every mention of sharks is in conflict with the damage that we are causing them every day.
Installation Circle of Life is composed of a variety of sharks of different sizes and gender grouped together, inspired by their way of moving grouped in flocks.