Black and Yellow Drawings

Black and yellow drawings come from research for distinctive style.
One more color to mix with black. It was yellow.

“When I draw, I like to have monochrome lines and shades, as opposed to the colors of my paintings. But during the process, I concluded that it was necessary to introduce one more color that would stick in combination with the whiteness of the background and the black color of ink or charcoal. Just one color to mix with black. Yes, yellow was my choice, but the real story goes a long way back…”

Faust is a drawing from black and yellow series by Marko Gavrilovic

Faust, acrylic, and ink on paper

In the heart of my childhood, nestled between the tall trees and rugged mountains, there flowed a wild and clear river that had been my sanctuary for as long as I could remember. It was not just a place for leisure or a playground for the adventurous; it held a deeper connection to my soul. It was a place of peace, inspiration, and simplicity.
One day, after a long and rewarding fly-fishing session, I decided to take a different way back home. Curiosity tugged me, and I went deeper into the rocky canyons that flanked the river. I wandered and stumbled upon an unexpected sight that left me breathless – ancient drawings etched onto one of the canyon walls.
The drawings were mesmerizing. Little scratched but still,
their vibrant yellow color stood out boldly against the dark rocks. The intricate designs depicted scenes of animal and human-like figures. I just marveled at the fact that such fragile drawings had withstood the test of time, preserved in remarkable condition. Maybe, a forgotten civilization that once thrived in these lands made these?

I investigate myself, anatomy acrylic drawing on board by Marko Gavrilovic

I investigate myself, acrylic drawing

I stood there, astonished and in disbelief at the same time.
The drawings looked timeless.
It was strange that I hadn’t seen those drawings before, as I visited that canyon countless times.
But then I recall that this side of the river bank was always, for some reason, covered with big piles of gravel. That was a part of the process through which the mountain river goes over and over each year, turning from mighty to dry season. Big waters were cleaning the river bank, getting the pile in the same place again.

Going to the top, ink drawing by Marko Gavrilovic

Going to the top, ink on paper

Luckily, it was summer, and I was in a clean spot.
Knowing that exposure could attract both good and bad, although another part of me yearned to share the beauty of these drawings with others, I decided to keep the secret and promised myself to come back as soon as it was getting dark.
Somehow I felt a connection with these ancient artists.

The city of men, acrylic drawing on canvas by artist Marko Gavrilovic

The City of Men, acrylic drawing on canvas

Lost civilisation, ink and yellow acrylic on paper by Marko Gavrilovic

Lost civilization, ink

However, just two days after this event, nature unleashed its wrath.
Heavy rainfall caused the river to swell and rage, bringing forth a torrential flood. Mighty rocks from the upper stream were carried along by the wild waters, burying the canyon sides beneath the debris, obscuring the ancient drawings from sight.
I had to wait for days because I could visit the sight only by water. When I got there, these invaluable relics of the past disappeared again.
Who would believe my tale now when the evidence was gone?
Would you?
As years passed, I kept the memory of those drawings close.
In some way, I felt a sense of fulfillment being able to witness their beauty and mystery.
How many similar places like this, over and over again, went through the same process?

What is fear, ink drawing of a man facing a big shark

What is fear, ink

The memory of that day continued to inspire me, and I started channeling those ancient yellow drawings into my art.
A new drawing series was born.
By design, I’m not a copycat artist, and while I was trying to recreate them, they looked ancient and contemporary simultaneously, bridging the gap between time.
The age of those drawings remains an enigma. Perhaps they were thousands of years old, or just 1 or 2 hundred years, their origin shrouded in the mists of time. Maybe created by a civilization that history overlooked, but through this series, I hope their spirit will live on, forever preserved in the stories and emotions they evoked.
Now and there, I visit the canyon, but the place is unrecognizable.
In the end, there are some things meant to be personal treasures.

The ” Black and Yellow drawings” became a homage to these ancient people who once called those canyons their canvas, and their legacy continued through my artistry, bringing a piece of their world into the contemporary era.

City tuna, acrylic and ink drawing on paper

City tuna, acrylic, and ink on paper

It is time to grow, ink and acrylic on paper by artist Marko Gavrilovic

It is time to grow, ink, acrylic

New World creators, ink on paper from black and yellow drawing series.

New World creators, ink and acrylic on paper

Faust 2, ink and yellow acrylic on paper

Faust 2, ink on paper

Strange people,ink on paper, black and yellow drawings

Strange people, Gavrilovic M.

City family, ink on paper, black and yellow drawings

City family, acrylic, and ink on paper

Strange conversation, ink drawing by artist Marko Gavrilovic

Strange conversation, ink

Lady on the hills, ink and yellow acrylic on ppaper

Lady on the hills, acrylic ink on paper

Lady of the hills, ink on paper

Lady of the hills, Gavrilovic M.

Finally success, ink drawing by Marko Gavrilovic

Finally success, ink on paper

Shark wolf, ink on paper

Shark wolf, ink

shark 1, ink and yellow acrylic on paper

Shark 1, ink on paper