These are just bullfight paintings or a balance?
The tale about the gate that connects two worlds, tangible and intangible was always the legendary story that caught my eye since I was a boy. The Gatekeepers. Someone had to protect this passage, people, animals, energies. The Gate could be a crossing and a shift to another level of existing.

Titans is painting that represents two bulls that are keeping the gate of success from bullfighting paintings series

Initially (The Titans) acrylic on canvas

The Gatekeepers is a bull painting that represents two bulls as guardians of a gate. Bullfight paintings series

The Gatekeepers, bull painting

Silver versus Gold is a bullfight painting in acrylic.Silver versus Gold, acrylic on canvas

Between two worlds is a bullfight painting from bullfighting paintings seriesBetween two worlds, bull painting

Balance 1 is a bull painting on a black board.

Balance 1, acrylic on a blackboard

Unbeatable is a painting of a black runner chased by a big red bull.

Unbeatable, acrylic on canvas

Wire walker is a painting of men that balances between two bulls.

Wirewalker, acrylic on board

The unbeatable runner is a painting of a white runner chased by a big white bull.

The unbeatable runner, acrylic on canvas

Balance 3 is a bull painting of two bulls in a city.

Balance 3, bull painting

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