Infinity bull

Within the concept of the Infinity Bull, we were seeking to unravel the layers of symbolism, myth, and mysticism.
Light sculpture Infinity Bull tries to illuminate its significance as a timeless archetype that transcends the conventional boundaries and the historical, cultural, and metaphysical dimensions around it. The Bull, in ancient mystical traditions, is a symbol of eternal cycles and the boundless interplay between the tangible and the ethereal.

“Nearly all of the ancient cultures worshipped the bull as a supreme god. Although the worshipping rites varied in many ways and the bull represented many different ideas, the bull consistently represented the supreme force that controlled things that were beyond man’s power.”

Infinity Bull, light bull sculpture made from Plexiglas at Kinoteka by Marko Gavrilovic

Bull light sculpture at Kinoteka by Marko Gavrilovic

Infinity bull at Kinoteka and Ivana Ivka

At Belgrade Kinoteka and Ivana Ivka

The artist is renowned for his pioneering approach to sculpture, blending cutting-edge techniques with a deep artistic sensibility. By coming from diverse artistic backgrounds. His works embody the essence of innovation and creativity. Having a keen interest in marine life and the fascinating world of sharks, Gavrilovic drew inspiration from these majestic creatures, envisioning a series of sculptures that would defy convention and captivate audiences worldwide.

Infinity, bull light sculpture 2022
Infinity Y, light sculpture
Infinity, bull sculpture, a wall presentation
Infinity Y, a wall presentation
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