Inner Dialogue –  Inner conversation

I started a new series with the larger main figure images. Previously those were city landscapes with people that are small in this detailed structures, measuring their existence through limited visual scales in comparison with a big picture. They represented only a fragments of this city.

What I find out with practice is that, when you work with your friends, family members and models, it becomes too predictable what a person is thinking when she or he is looking at some particular scene because I know them.

As this factor of mystery and the unknown was important for me in this series, I find myself in a lack of human figure models. So, I got this idea where I have to find new people, interested in art, that I don’t know personally and we could interact in this familiar but yet strange world, together. After I posted my art call on a Craigslist I received feedback but the first and the most interested was from Vincent……………..more