Shark sculptures 

“Shark sculptures are the result of research. Sharks have been the main characters in my paintings and sculptures for some time. I chose these particular species because they are the synonyms for power, freedom, movement, and fear.”

primal shark, black shark, light sculpture

Primal shark, light sculpture, 150 x 81 x 47 cm (59 x 31.8 x 18.5 in) artist Marko Gavrilovic

Exploration of Light and Form by Artist Marko Gavrilovic

While diving into the world of art, we can encounter a multitude of captivating creations that challenge our perception and ignite our imagination. Among these, the shark sculptures made by the artist Marko Gavrilovic stand out as mesmerizing pieces. 

shark sculpture ocean renegade by marko gavrilovic, sculptoroflight

Ocean Renegade, shark sculpture by Marko Gavrilovic, 150 x 76 x 42 cm (59 x 30 x 16.5 in)

Marko’s sculptures breathe life into Plexiglas pieces, producing a kaleidoscope of colors and a truly immersive experience. We delve into this world of shark sculptures, exploring the artist’s creative process, the use of light, and the impact of his unique artistry.

Shark sculpture made by Sculptor of Light

Primal shark, black light sculpture

Gavrilovic is a visionary artist renowned for his approach to sculpture, blending techniques with an artistic sensibility originating from diverse artistic backgrounds. Having a keen interest in marine life and the fascinating world of sharks, he drew inspiration from these majestic creatures. This resulted in a series of sculptures, that defy convention and captivate audiences worldwide.

Red and blue shark sculpture made from Plexiglas

Ocean Renegade, shark sculpture by Marko Gavrilovic

shark sculpture blue renegade by marko gavrilovic, sculptoroflight

Blue Renegade, shark sculpture by Marko Gavrilovic

At the core of the artist’s shark sculptures lies this combination of light and Plexiglas. The artist skillfully manipulates transparent material to fashion intricate shark forms, each distinct in posture and character. By the interplay of light and color, these sculptures create an illusion of movement. 

Blue shark sculpture made from Plexiglas

Blue Renegade, shark sculpture, head by Marko Gavrilovic

They gracefully glide through the ocean depths.
Plexiglas also known as acrylic glass, enables Marko to mold sculptures with precision and finesse. When illuminated from within, the Plexiglas come alive, casting dazzling patterns and shadows that evoke a mystical ambiance.

Guided by instinct is a sculpture from shark sculptures series.

Guided by instinct, shark sculpture, material Plexiglas, February 7

I found a lot of parallels between sharks and humans, which might be the main reason for the conflict between us. Fascinated with the diversity of Nature from an early age, I explore the possibilities in which Nature and the built environment will coexist, continuing to admire its powers through my art.

Imaginative wanderer 2 is a shark light sculpture

Imaginative Wanderer 2, light sculpture

“You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn’t even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you’ll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it’s sincere, if it’s pure, they’ll be with you, and take you away forever.”

― Jacques Mayol

Imaginative wanderer, light sculpture, material Plexiglas

Imaginative wanderer, light sculpture, material Plexiglas

Ocean wave is a shark sculpture made of plexiglass.

Ocean wave, shark sculpture, Marko Gavrilovic

Renegade is a shark sculpture in orange and red colors.

Renegade, light sculpture

Colorized moments is a light shark sculpture on a concrete background.

Colorized Moments, a light sculpture by artist Marko Gavrilovic

Guided by instinct 2 is one of shark light sculptures.

Guided by Instinct 2, shark light sculptures

Constant movement is a light sculpture made by Marko Gavrilovic.


Installation Circle of Life imposes a question why are we, from all the living beings, the ones that destroy and exploit nature to its limits?
Sharks sculptures represent beautiful, yet dangerous creatures due to their instinct-based actions. 

Representative image for the shark sculptures gallery.

Shark sculptures

Humans on the other side, use both, minds and instincts. And that makes us even more hazardous to the world around us.
The fear produced in our imagination whenever we mention the name shark conflicts with the damage we are causing them.
This installation is composed of a variety of sharks. Different sizes and genders grouped, imitate their way of movement grouped in flocks.

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