Solo show at Mash Gallery DTLA

Luminous artist, Marko Gavrilovic, returns to Mash Gallery with a solo exhibition, After the Rain, opening July 10th 6-10pm

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After the Rain, solo show Marko Gavrilovic at Mash Gallery

AFTER THE RAIN marks MARKO GAVRILOVIC’s second time exhibiting at MASH Gallery. His first appearance was via LUMEN, the August 2019 group exhibition, which highlighted the use of light and color in both 2D and 3D works of art. For his post-pandemic return to downtown Los Angeles, GAVRILOVIC stuns with paintings integrating intricate geometric detail, vividly intense color, and Escher-reminiscent perspectives drawing the viewer into Inception-like worlds that seem to expand and contract on the canvas, like a Hitchcockian lens trick.

The Endless sea inside, 104 x 153 x 4 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2020 by Marko Gavrilovic

The Endless sea inside, 104 x 153 x 4 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2020

AFTER THE RAIN is both metaphorical and literal, as GAVRILOVIC hints at the moment after the rain stops and the world is reborn and refreshed—a time of purification. Yet, rain can take the figurative forms of rain of conspiracies or political rains as well as the rains of hope. His vision is of the tension between the relentless expansion of human civilization and the animal world and how the urbane and the wild vie for space often overlap. Gavrilovic’s goal is to shed light on human progress reflected in the heights and glass of architectural monuments, while the organic world of nature is never far away and will never disappear despite the consequences of humanity’s world-building.

 Journey to the Yellow Mountains art by Marko Gavrilovic

Journey to the Yellow Mountains, 107 x 151x 4 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

GAVRILOVIC’s visual style employs elements of comic book art, stained glass complexity, and saturated primary colors that showcase his finely tuned drawing skills. One is never done observing a work by Gavrilovic. The sheer detail of his work is borne of multiple sketches first in his artist’s journal which are then carefully recast to larger surfaces. The startling results depict friction between the coexistence of the natural world and the fabricated ones—both beautiful and reverent.

Marko Gavrilovic’s “After The Rain” exhibition is now on Mash Gallery until August 14, 2021. Our hours of operation are Tuesday—Saturday from 10 am-6 pm.

More photos from the opening can be seen here.

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