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“Sail Forth –
Steer for the deep waters only.
Reckless O soul, exploring.
I with thee and thou with me.
For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go.
And we will risk the ship, ourselves,
and all.”

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I spent years in working with Plexiglas light sculptures developing
a unique technique where I’m building a structure from a small cut Plexiglas parts.
As a contemporary artist, I was keen to find a specific
language that will define and make my work more particular
as well as to allow me to play with light and color with various results.



Yes, I want to challenge the audience,
but what I had in mind is not the only view.
Each side of the painting wears a new event.
The story that I want to tell is universal
and plays with the current state of the viewer.
Abstraction could be an intriguing process, but
in the end, it actually leads me to the realm of reality.



A drawing is a life itself.
For some, it’s not too important. For me, it’s essential.
It’s a powerful manifest, which if carefully used,
could send a deep message. The whole world is
one big drawing that someone drew a long time ago.
Each person while living, draws a line of its motion,
leaving an invisible, or visible trace
of its existence by making a personal drawing.



There is something in the timing, in that, particular frame,
where you need to be fast but also to
do something interesting and hopefully unique.
It has always been a challenge and still is.

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Marko Gavrilovic is born in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in 2001. In the following years, he practiced acrylics, sculpture, design, illustration and drawing. He founded a Notus Light studio in 2002 wherein cooperation with his team, Gavrilovic created more than 200 light – designed pieces during the years. His specialties are plastic sculptural lighting forms, which ultimately led him to the point where Art and Design cross their paths.
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Studio address: Avalska, 11000 Belgrade, SERBIA

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