Marko Gavrilovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in 2001. As a student, along with the prominent names of Serbian watercolor art, he was invited to make a piece that celebrates 800 years from the founding of the Monastery Hilandar on the Holly Mountain in Greece. In the following years, he practiced acrylics, sculpture, design, illustration and drawing. He founded a Notus Light studio in 2002 where in cooperation with his team, Gavrilovic created more than 200 light – designed pieces
during the years. His specialties are plastic sculptural lighting forms, which ultimately led him to the point where Art and Design cross their paths.


Artist Statement


My works are based on the play of certain associations, with whom I wanted to challenge the audience. But what I had in mind may not be the only view. Each side of the painting or sculpture wears a new event. The story is universal and plays with the current state of the viewer. Abstraction, executed in a way that intrigues me, actually leads to a real association, in other words, an abstract form leads to concrete. Looking at my work you are looking in your inner side, not only in my artistic world

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Light Sculptures

I spent years in working with Plexiglas light sculptures developing a unique technique where I’m building a structure from a small cut Plexiglas parts. As a contemporary artist, I was keen to find a specific language that will define and make my work more particular as well as to allow me to play with light and color with various results.
Here you can find a selection of light sculptures made by me and my team.


For me, a drawing is a life itself. It’s a manifestation of power, which if carefully used, could send a deep message.
 whole World is one big drawing that someone drew a long time ago.

Each person while living, draws a line of its motion, leaving an invisible trace of its existence by making a personal drawing.
Isn’t that fascinating? You can Follow my lines here…

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+381 63 1111 363


Studio address: Avalska 48 A, 11460 Belgrade, SERBIA

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Here you can find some of the press releases related to my work.

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