Bull Paintings

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In this world that we mostly occupy, there is a conflict that exists between nature and people that expanded over the last two centuries.
From the human angle, it is a war to conquer, spiced with greed, wrapped in high awareness, from the nature point of view that is a question of survival.
The symbolic meaning of the bull paintings that I make is somehow in between.
On one side, the bull looks like a character out of the society’s appropriate dress code, or it could be the nature itself looking for a breakout from the cliche of this urban mega progress?
The hero is fighting for the cause greater than him, and I want you to see not only the animal but also a movement, feelings and step into the world that is not necessarily predictable.

Green line is a painting of a bull from a bull paintings series

Green line, bull painting


The gatekeepers is a bull fighting painting

The Gatekeepers, bull painting


The wild bull, which had roamed the plains of central Mesopotamia since time immemorial, was a massive creature standing over six feet tall at the shoulder. In literature and the visual arts, it was venerated as a symbol of supernatural strength and ferocity, often being likened to gods, kings, and heroes. Its broad curving horns inspired the horned headdress that all gods and goddesses wore to signify their divine status.Cattle were first domesticated in the fertile valleys of Mesopotamia round about 7000 BCE. Most households would only keep one or two beasts, which were often named and almost treated as part of the family.

Beyond their nature as symbols of the land’s prosperity, the bull, cow, and calf all have a decidedly celestial quality to their character. Similar ideas about celestial cattle can be found in early mythology all over the world.The  Egyptians personified the heavens as the goddess Hathor, who was often envisioned as a star-spangled cow with the solar disk set between her mouth each evening to re-emerge as the sun the next day.