Artworks from drawings series driving us into the world of urban and organic, where drawing thrives as the city itself; seemingly random as a subject of its own laws of growth. Every single piece, like a futuristic force of the movement, has a meaning and tells a story – fragmented, dynamical and personal. Each artwork is a piece of the overall idea.

tuna drawing by marko gavrilovic

City tuna, drawing


Safe, fast, narrative drawing of artist Marko Gavrilovic is occupying the space with lines and composition. The main play is not visible at a first sight, you have to read it beneath the surface while it takes us into the time dimension and dilemma of modern man and contemporary art.

I'm investigating myself, acrylic and ink on board

I’m investigating myself, acrylic and ink on board


First encounter, ink on paper

First encounter, ink on paper


A drawing is life itself.
For some, it’s not too important. For me, it’s essential.
A powerful manifest, which if carefully used,
could send a deep message. The whole world is
One big drawing that someone drew a long time ago.
Each person while living draws a line of its motion,
Leaving an invisible, or visible trace
Of its existence by making a personal drawing.